If you read his other books, you know the Author's personal 'solo-recovery' (without surgery) was a ground-breaking success story. But along with recovery, another catastrophe happened. The Author battled Meniere's disease on two fronts. He fought Meniere's and recovered his physical health but lost the fight to save his material world; the family home, future assets and his business career. This is a book HE wishes someone had written for him!
Meniere's disease can affect not only your general sense of well being but your income, savings, future plans, friends, business partnerships and at the heart of it all, your closest personal relationships.
The Author shares what can and did go wrong. More importantly, how you can avoid the serious negative affects that can happen when you suffer from a long-term chronic condition like Meniere's.
This self-help book can help you keep chaos out of other parts of your personal life. When you do this, then the negative effect of suffering from a long-term condition, shifts to a positive one.
A book every Meniere sufferer, their family, friends and partners should read to fully understand how having a long-term chronic condition, like Meniere's disease, can affect all your lives. And how you can help prevent this.
When the Author was diagnosed with Meniere's, his ENT specialist handed him an A4 leaflet, told him to keep away from stress and to not eat salt. That was it! 
With an information void, he had no choice, but to take recovery into his own hands. 
Using his personal experience of making a recovery, he wrote a series of books. 
Since publishing the first self-help memoir and a complete series of self-help books, he hopes the world for Meniere's sufferers is a less frightening place.
"Every life-changing event happens for a reason. If this book finds you on the same Meniere's journey, there are two things I'd like to add here. HOPE and my heartfelt and sincere BEST WISHES for a full recovery very soon. If I can do it, then so will you."

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