They’re back like they never left! Talk about love and a baby! Rashard is slacking heavily in every department you can name while trying to balance his empire, his family and his women. With graduation so close you can see the stage, one is unsure if Rashard will be in attendance. Armani has it bad as she’s tortured daily by a person that hides their identity under a mask and baggy clothing. Right when it’s too much to bare, a panic attack sets her free. Free from one form of torture to an even greater one. With revenge on the mind, Armani teams up with someone with hopes of killing Tamia. In the world of Tamia, everything’s going right, well until it starts going wrong. When it rains, it pours they say and boy is it raining on Tamia! She feels like the entire world is against her and she just wants it all to be over. After being completely heartbroken by Ray with the help of Tamia, Michelle experiences a presence from the past. Together they set plans in motion to kill them both. Will Rashard get it together or is it already too late for him? Will Armani get her revenge or will she realize Tamia was the realest person she had in her corner? Will everything work out for Tamia as it should or will all the people that are coming together defeat her? Will Michelle kill Rashard and Tamia or die trying?