Tamia managed to overcome all odds and walk across the field to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree from UMA. It appears that she’s found a new love in Brandon despite the warning Candy gave her. When Rashard wakes up, Tamia is ready to drop Brandon and run back to Rashard. Will Brandon love her enough to let her go or will he take what he feels is rightfully his? Rashard is barely making it with juggling everything on his plate. Between his women and his empire, Rashard hasn’t been able to celebrate getting his Bachelor’s Degree from UMA. Rashard is faced with a hard decision, who will he choose? Armani mixed with anyone else is a toxic mix and that’s how it has always been. After becoming free, she often finds herself wishing she was still held captive rather than endure the abuse that has become her everyday life. She searched for a way out and the only person that she knows won’t turn her back on her is the only person that ever had her back. Will Armani and Tamia call it a truce and reconcile or is it true that some people may never change? Michelle loses the battle with herself when she’s faced with a betrayal like no other. She’s unable to handle these type of situations so Missy comes out to play. If you thought Michelle was crazy, wait until you meet the dangerous, fearless, bold Missy. She’s the only person left that has Michelle’s back. She protects her like no other as she slowly tries to take over. She almost had her until Michelle leans towards someone new to be a friend while she’s in need. Will Michelle get it together and get the helps she needs or will Missy take over and wreak havoc on everyone responsible for causing Michelle pain?