With Tamia stuck inside of the warehouse with seemingly no escape, Rashard turns to desperate measures and shows Twan just how far his reach really is. Will Rashard step up to the plate and finally become Tamia’s knight in shining armor or will she get caught in the crossfire? Candy decides to take matters in her own hands ultimately costing more lives than she intended when a deal is broken. Will Candy be able to fix it before it’s too late or will she pay the ultimate cost for playing boss? Armani faces a life changing event when her son is kidnapped. With no one else to call, she places her son’s life in the hands of Candy. Will Armani ever see Armad again or has karma struck again only to spill over onto her son. Michelle jumps from one crazy situation to another one but what happens when Missy gets tired of it all? With Missy in charge who’s to say what will happen or who will die when she’s faced with yet another blast from the past.