2 Christmas Stories in 1 Book

All the love in Christmas -
"It is said that love is one of the greatest challenges someone can face. This became true for Becky and her childhood friend, Chris. Chris was a charming, caring but as well as a handsome guy who with just his smile could warm someone’s heart. Becky is an innocent girl, who listened to every order her father gave her.

Chris and Becky grew up with each other and formed an unbreakable bond. That same bond put Chris and Becky’s friendship to the test when their college lives ended. The two had to part ways and spend years without each other. It was like putting a wood block between two magnets, they were so close but still could not be with each other.

The story is about the challenges faced by Becky and Chris who are in love and the beautiful ways in which they fought against all odds.

It is about true love.

It is about Becky and Chris."

Beautiful Encounter -
Francis can’t wait for Christmas to be over, but when he saves the life of a young lady who was looking to jump off the Great Washington Bridge the spirit of yuletide returns to him. Helping a vulnerable soul reminds him what Christmas is all about and he feels renewed, but when you save a life you also becomes responsible for it and when his new friend, Sam, tells him she has fallen in love with him, he is torn.

Married with three children, but letting her down lightly is still not going to be easy – especially as his feelings for her are not exactly simple either.

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