Why Invest In Our Trauma Medical Shears?

Surviveware’s creates top notch products, period. Our philosophy is expressed in the wise words of Winston Churchill: “My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best.”

Trauma Shears With an Edge Above the Rest

With 7 ½ Stainless Steel blades, these EMT shears cut through anything, except skin. The blunted edges ensure that patients are treated safely.

Field Tested By Professionals

Trauma shears are the go to tool for military paramedics, police officers, medical personnel, and trauma nurses. But you don’t need to be a professional; these shears are ideal for use at home or while on the road hiking or backpacking. They are also tough and handy shears for the workshop. They also make a great addition to your first aid kit or trauma bag.

Replace Flimsy Shears

Most first aid kits come with flimsy shears. Don’t be let down by inferior tools. Replace your EMT scissors and be ready for emergencies, you never know when an accident might occur.

What Do You Have To Lose?

If you don’t like our shears, send them back for a no questions asked refund. Shears purchased from Surviveware come with a 60-day money back guarantee.